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The Aria

Decorative Pergola with Shade Lattice

The Aria Pergola provides partial shade in a stunning backyard decoration. Using all extruded aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with a tough, attractive powder coat finish, we engineered the Aria to provide quick-install, low-maintenance shade. The Aria even includes an adjustable shade lattice so you can decide how much sunlight you would like to pass through – from a bright 90 percent to a cool 40 percent.


Aria Pergolas - Freestanding and Attached from Christopher Noe on Vimeo.


Why You’ll Love the Aria Pergola

Most of our customers who install Aria pergolas use them to shade their patio for greater enjoyment of sunny days. Since they don’t intend to spend time outside when it is raining, they don’t mind that pergolas feature open roofs, allowing rain to fall through. What is most important to them is shading their patio or a spot in their yard with an architecturally stunning work of yard art that cuts down on heat.


The Aria shade trellis was designed from the ground up to serve two purposes. First, to be a stunning work of art in your backyard, and second, to provide shade so you can enjoy the outdoors all season long. The Aria shade trellis, although it looks similar to a wooden shade trellis, incorporates nothing but the highest quality materials. Aircraft-grade extruded aluminum beams, baked-on finishes, nylon head fasteners, decorative post covers, and of course, the highest strength engineered connections to insure your new shade trellis can stand the test of time. Compare the Aria to any system on the market and we think you will agree, nothing beats the clean lines, and stunning look and feel, with high-strength, worry-free materials.


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